About Us

The Norsemen are a group of supporters from all walks of life including:

  • Past players
  • Past Committee
  • Police
  • Fire Brigade
  • Local Business men
  • Other supporters via internal networking

We have been a support group to the Norwood Football Club since 1970 and currently we are the largest financial sponsor.

Our support has been wide and varied from:

  • Financial support for struggling families
  • Player support at all levels
  • Special project support around the Club
  • Financial support to the operations department
  • Business and planning support to the club
  • Organisation of bars, BBQs etc.

The Norsemen go about their business in a quiet manner and membership is open to all, value for membership is very little however the value of our membership is knowing that the club is always been supported and taken care of at all times. We ensure that every membership dollar returns to the club in every instance. We do not pay any players directly or indirectly.

The Norseman also attracts sponsorship from many outside companies not associated with the football club. These sponsors are traditionally companies connected to members via business networks away from Mullum Mullum Road.

We donate trophies to outside Auskick clinics in an effort to promote the NFC, Support the Wonga Park Coterie group for development of Junior cricketers who in turn play football in our Junior Club.

We also donate trophies to the Norwood Football Club and work hand in hand with the Norwood Cricket Club and the Norwood Golf Club during the summer promoting the Norwood Football Club.

If you would like to know anything more about the Norsemen please feel free to contact us.


Upcoming Events


Latest News

“Norsemen” Outside Bar
Monday, March 23, 2009

Open every Thursday 4.30pm onwards.  Discount prices for Members.  Happy Hours for Senior, Junior, Golf Club & Cricket club - Come down, watch training and meet the players.

All welcome
New Norsemen Website
Friday, January 16, 2009
The Norsemen have launched a brand new website. 

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